Marijuana FAQ

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Marijuana & The Bus

Can I smoke or toke on the bus?

All forms of smoking (cigarette, electronic cigarette, or marijuana) are prohibited from being used on-board the bus, at designated bus stops, or at transit facilities.

But marijuana is legal in Colorado?

The Free Ride Transit System is a federally assisted asset and Marijuana is still illegal under federal law. Also, there is no Open & Public consumption permitted under the Colorado law. Marijuana is only legal in Colorado for use at private locations where it has not been prohibited by the owner of the property.

Can I ride the bus with the marijuana I just purchased at the store?

We currently do not have a federal interpretation as to whether this is going to be allowed under federal regulations. Until we receive clarification, we will allow the transport of the store-purchased marijuana on the bus as long as we cannot “See it or Smell it”. Similar to alcohol, if it is in a brown bag to where it is not visible and in a sealed container to where no odor is being emitted, we will allow it for the time being, until the Federal Transit Administration rules otherwise. Please note that our transportation program heavily relies upon federal funding and should we receive regulatory guidance that this is not permitted by federal regulation our position may change.

Is the transit operator allowed to smoke marijuana?

The transit operators work in a safety-sensitive position and federal regulations prohibit the use of marijuana and other drugs at any time. The operators are also subject to random drug testing under the jurisdiction of the Federal Transit Administration. 


The Free Ride Transit System strives to have a family-friendly environment on-board for the enjoyment of a safe and reliable ride for everyone. 

Please remember that we will notify law enforcement of any disturbances, open containers of alcohol, smoking of any kind, illegal possession or distribution of drugs of any kind that occurs on-board the bus, at designated bus stops, or at transit facilities.