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The Breckenridge Free Ride is pleased to bring our customers “Route Shout”, an interactive schedule application widget.  The interactive schedule app is an intuitive product that will quickly provide schedule information for all active routes.  The widget will bring you the next bus times and provide a countdown clock of how many minutes until the next two scheduled service times.  This widget operates off of a predictive schedule.  For information in real-time, please consult the "Where's My Bus" tracking system or our SMS Text Messaging - "Bus Times by Text".

All scheduled departure times listed for the stops are dependent upon traffic and weather conditions.  Please arrive at your bus stop a couple of minutes early.  The bus does not stop unless someone is present at the stop.  We are also unable to wait for incomplete boarding parties.

At times when we may be running slightly behind, we do apologize, but safety is our top priority.  We strive to achieve a high level of on-time performance as much as possible; however sometimes things are simply beyond our control and we thank you in advance for your patience.  It is our pleasure to give you a Free Ride.

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Interactive Schedule

How to use the Interactive Schedule 
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Not sure which route or bus stop you need?


Refer to the System Map to view the routes and the geographic service area for each route.
Routes are color-coded for the naming convention to make it easy to visualize how to get around town.

Refer to the Route Maps to identify bus stop locations and the bus stop names.

Then, use the Interactive Schedule to find the upcoming scheduled service times.

Or phone (970) 547-3140 for route and schedule information.
We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about the Free Ride.

Printed copies of the Free Ride schedule are available on the buses and inside Breckenridge Station.