How to use the Interactive Schedule

Press Enter to show all options, press Tab go to next option

1.       Select Transit Agency – this is at the bottom of the screen

2.       Scroll down to highlight and then click to select Breckenridge Free Ride

3.       Find times by – you have your choice to use one of four methods

·         Locate Me – smart devices utilize GPS and Augmented Reality technology to the find the closest bus stops to your current location


·         Address - Enter your desired address, including city or zip code, to find the closest bus stops to the entered address – a map will open with a location indicator and you will see a proceed button on the bottom right of the screen – click “proceed”  to display the list of bus stops nearest to that location


·         Route – all active routes will be shown

(Some Free Ride routes are seasonal and do not operate year-round)


v  Scroll down to highlight route name and then click to select the route desired

v  The list of stops will display; click on the stop to get upcoming bus departure times

v  You can see where the stop is located by clicking on the “Stop Map" tab          

v  Mark Favorite Stops - If you use specific stops regularly, mark them as a “Favorite” by clicking the heart icon.  The heart will turn Yellow to indicate that it has been added to the Favorites list.  You may also click on a Yellow heart while on this screen to remove the stop from your Favorites list.


·         Favorites – the Favorites list will show your regularly used stops for a quicker way to access the schedule information 


Please note:  GPS signals can sometimes be disrupted around large buildings or in certain topography. Or Google Maps may not have accurate data for all address locations. If the map did not accurately place your location, you can scroll the map to place your location.


Not sure which route or bus stop you need?

Refer to the System Map to view the routes and the geographic service area for each route.

Routes are color-coded for the naming convention to make it easy to visualize how to get around town.


Refer to the Route Maps to identify bus stop locations and the bus stop names.


Or phone (970) 547-3140 for route and schedule information.

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about the Free Ride.


Click icon below to launch Route Shout

Interactive Schedule