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UPDATE:  We will not have winter maps printed until 12/10/16 - please e-mail if you would like maps delivered to your business.  Thank you for your patience.   

Refer to the Route Maps to identify bus stop locations and the bus stop names.

Winter 2016 Map Valid 11/11/16 - 4/23/16


Descarga un PDF de 2016 Mapa Cita 

2016 Mapa Cita de Invierno

The Free Ride Transit System operates only within the town limits of Breckenridge, Colorado. Check with the free county-operated system, the Summit Stage, for other served destinations within Summit County.  See the Airport Connections page in the Rider Guide for information about travel between Breckenridge and Denver International Airport.



See individual route pages for information on the end of season date for each route. 

The Free Ride System Timetable Map is copyrighted material.  It is intended for the personal reference of our riders.  In order to maintain the most accurate information for our customers, we ask that third party lodging and travel sites do not place a PDF onto their websites. Please link to this main page on our website if you would like to share the bus schedule. This will help keep outdated information from being parked on the Internet.  We thank you for your cooperation.