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Issues with Internet Explorer 10

If you are having trouble viewing our site with Internet Explorer 10, you may need to adjust your IE setting.

Most commonly, people report that the drop down menus disapear behind the photo slide show on our website when viewing it with Internet Explorer 10.  Other issues are that the Search bar is unavailable.

For the Internet Explorer 10, It appears as though this only happens in IE when you view the site in “Compatibility Mode” (which is a user setting telling IE to render it as it would many years ago as an older version of IE).

Is the little page icon up at the top of your address bar currently blue? 
If you click on that page icon, it should go back to “gray”.                     

The site should render correctly now and the search field should be accessible.

Unfortunately that’s just a “user setting” in Internet Explorer. It is the literal equivalent of loading a website using IE 7 code, and IE 7 doesn't know how to render sites that were made years later. The modern website doesn't support browser code that is several-years old.

We apologize for having to ask you to adjust your Browser settings.  If your browser setting does not cure any issues that you are having with our website, then please contact us.