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*We will be offering bike racks on buses for the winter of 2016-17

Bike racks are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Bicycles are not permitted inside the bus for safety reasons. Use of the bicycle rack is at your own risk and you must be able to load & unload your own bicycle.

Buses will have a bike rack that will carry either 2 or 3 bicycles.  Please understand that our bike racks are mounted in the same slot as our tow hooks are placed into on many of our buses. It is an” Either–OR” type situation. Therefore whenever there is the possibility that we may accumulate snow, we may have our buses set up with the tow hooks; in case we get stuck and need to tow the bus.

To use the bike racks, follow these simple steps as outlined below and also shown in the pictures.

How to load your bike on the bus racks:

Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop and signal the transit operator before you load a bike.

• Squeeze the handle to lower the rack.
• Load your bike into an empty slot.   Place your bike closest to the bus, if you are the only bike.
• Raise the support arm up and over the front tire.

The support arm does extend out, so pull up until it goes over the top of your tire. Failure to properly secure the support arm over your tire can cause your bike to fall out while the bus is in transit.

How to unload your bike:

As you near your stop, tell the transit operator you will be removing your bike.

• Lift support arm up and off of the tire.
• Raise your bike out of the rack.
• If your bike is the last one in the rack, squeeze the handle and lift the rack into its upright position.

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If you are nervous about using the bike rack, we would be happy to provide an instructional session at our office. That way you can learn how to properly operate the bike rack and have some practice, before you actually attempt to use it at the bus stop. Please call our office at 970-547-3140 to schedule an appointment.