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Safety Information

The Breckenridge Free Ride works hard everyday to ensure the safety and security of our riders and employees.

Transit officials are constantly in the field inspecting stations and buses to ensure the safest possible environment.

When you ride the Free Ride, you're never alone - all stations and vehicles have direct communication lines to the Free Ride's Operations Control Center.

The Breckenridge Free Ride is operated under the jurisdiction of the Federal Transit Administration.  Free Ride Personnel are thoroughly trained in emergency response to meet regulatory safety requirements.

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Together, We Can Make a Difference

Under the Transit Watch program, the eyes and ears of our customers are valuable tools in the continuing effort to maintain a safe transit environment. Passengers who observe activities or things that seem out of place or out of the ordinary are asked to report such instances to uniformed Free Ride employees or call the Summit County Dispatch Center at (970) 668-8600 to contact local law enforcement. Click the link above for more information on the Transit Watch program.

Emergency Information

Emergencies happen when we least expect them so it's important to always be prepared. View our Emergency Instructions page and be familiar.

Transit Safety Tips

It is our goal to get you to your destination safely. Help us by observing some general safety tips for using public transit.