Transit Safety Tips

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General Safety

  • Please use designated crosswalks on Watson Avenue and in the Breckenridge Station transit center.  The area is a high            traffic one and the request is for your safety because we do like seeing you every day.
  • Never run after or next to a moving bus.
  • Use care not to hit the glass windows with skis or other objects.
  • Wait for the vehicle to stop before approaching.
  • Wait for exiting passengers to leave, then board.
  • Watch your step, especially at night or in wet/snowy weather.

Boarding the Bus

  • Arrive at your bus stop five to ten minutes early. Wait on the sidewalk by the bus sign, away from the curb. Don’t play near buses; pushing and shoving can cause accidents.
  • Hold on to your child when a bus approaches.
  • Check the head-sign or lighted marquee above the windshield of the bus for the route and destination.
  • Make sure to check the sign just before boarding, since buses may sometimes change routes.
  • Signal the operator to stop for you by waving. At night, open your cell phone and wave the light. This is helpful for the transit operator to aide in seeing you.
  • Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop and for the door to open all the way before boarding.
  • Kindly show courtesy and wait for exiting passengers to leave, then board.

Riding the Bus

  • Take a seat if possible; use handrails/handholds.
  • When using bike racks, always stay in view of the bus operator.
  • When standing, stay behind the yellow line, not on the threshold.
  • Keep all parts of your body inside the bus.
  • Keep all of your belongings under your control.
  • Exit through rear doors whenever possible.
  • Be ready to exit when you arrive at your stop.
  • Step away after exiting.

Getting off the Bus

  • Watch for your destination. If you are not familiar with the area, ask the operator to call out your stop.
  • About one block before your stop, signal the operator to let you off. Pull the cord located above the windows to activate the buzzer.
  • Whenever possible, please exit using the rear door. This speeds the boarding of new passengers.
  • Check to be sure you have all your belongings with you — and don’t forget your bike if you used the bike rack!
  • For safety, let the operator know that you will be grabbing your bike off the rack.
  • If you drop something when exiting, leave it on the ground until the bus drives away.
  • For your own safety, please do not cross in front of the bus.


In an effort to keep your ride Free, please do not vandalize the bus, bus stops, or transit facilities. Our costs to maintain and fix the vandalism come out of the general fund and those dollars could be better used to provide service. If you see someone committing vandalism, please report it to the transit operator, another uniformed transit employee, or local law enforcement. Vandalism costs everyone!